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July 12, 2019

Beem Weeks
Beem Weeks

Dying for a Kiss

Beem Weeks is a talented writer. The kind of writer that quickly draws the reader into his world, stirring emotions and thought-provoking.

I’ve had the pleasure of reading Jazz Baby (www.amazon.com/Jazz-Baby-Beem-Weeks-ebook/dp/B007Y7086S/) and loved it! I highly recommend reading Beem Weeks.

Thank you for supporting this member along the WATCH “RWISA” WRITE Showcase Tour today! I ask that if you have enjoyed this member’s writing, please visit their Author Page on the RWISA site, where you can find more of their writing, along with their contact and social media links, if they’ve turned you into a fan.

I ask that you also check out their books in the RWISA or RRBC catalogs. Thanks, again, for your support and I hope that you will follow each member along this amazing tour of talent! Don’t forget to click the link below to learn more about this author:


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