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Jaideep Khanduja is a professional techie with a vast experience on various portfolios as Head Technology, Head Information Systems, PMO, Head Quality, Head Projects in singular or multiple capacities. He started writing on technology, gadgets, project management, quality assurance, etc. Around 15 years ago he gradually grew an interest in writing on various versatile streams like fashion, lifestyle, family, travel, restaurants, hotels, food, books, reviews, events etc. and has an avid fan following worldwide. Jaideep has also written a book of poetry and is a blogger.

Here is the interview.

You are an avid blogger and poet. Which do you find most fulfilling?


None. There is always an urge for more, in both. Still not have been able to reach a stage that I term as most fulfilling. If between the two, the former I do more for sharing my ideas with others whereas poetry I do more to satisfy my own self.

How long have you been a blogger?

It is more than fifteen years now. I started writing on a technology blog first. But later found out that there is a lot more that I want to share.

Can you tell us something about your blog – Pebble in the Still Waters?

If you are curious about the name – the set of words has various meanings. A Pebble lying still in the still waters, a pebble creating ripples or waves when thrown in still waters. But the ripples or waves do not last long, and the water comes back to the still state again.

If you are talking about what my blog is about then the answer is I cover a lot of subjects here – author interviews, book reviews, product reviews, travel, food, lifestyle, poetry, haiku, short stories etc.

As a blogger, what do you consider the future of blogging?

Future for bloggers is great. Serious bloggers are already being recognized by media companies and gradually the bloggers and media communities will merge to a larger extent. In fact I see brands would eventually be valuing bloggers more than the media because of blogging being more versatile, lively and imbibed with a personal touch.

What are the biggest challenges facing you as a blogger? And how do you overcome them?

As such the biggest challenges faced by a blogger emerge from within. Self-recognition, acceptability, finding the right platform to write, the technology bit, finding ways to refine and fine-tune your writing are few of them. To overcome them, a proper strategy is very important. Remember Rome was not built in a day, so is true for a blogger. It takes time and patience to overcome these shortfalls with the help of self-discipline, continuous learning and serious engagement with the peers.

How do you choose the content for your blog?

Writing a post is really a fight for a blogger. Defining a title, creating content, selecting suitable pictures/ videos to embed and giving it a final shape is very important. Content creation process varies, but some basic things that need to take care of are – clarity of subject, keeping it interesting and to the point, proper opening and closing of the post and so on.

What disciplines, if any, do you employ when blogging or writing?

I try to be quite constructive even when I have to criticize a movie or a book. It does not mean if I don’t like a book or a movie, it has not been liked by anyone else. Moreover, I feel nothing on this earth is hundred percent bad or good. It is always a mix of the two.

I get to the crux of the subject before writing about it. The clear principle of life is that I cannot convince others if I am not convinced myself first.

I prefer to keep writing consistently without fail. The day I skip writing something, it keeps me dissatisfied.

I need variation in my writing. So catching myself to stay on track becomes difficult sometimes.

Why did you choose to write poetry?

I feel heart and poetry are bound to stay together. So everyone is a poet. Some express it some keep it with them. I love expressing my feelings in my poetry. Though I write fiction and nonfiction also but poetry gives me a different kind of enjoyment. The only fact is that I cannot write poetry every day.

As a poet, what brings you the most gratification?

Just two things – self-realization and self-satisfaction.

Your book – Dry Tears Wet Eyes – is a book of poems. What inspired you to write it?

As I said above, I enjoy writing and more so poetry. One I had a collection of a good amount of my poetry, I decided to publish it.
Those are Not Just Photos – Anyone can relate to this poem. I certainly did. Did you write this from a personal experience? And if so, can you share that experience?

Something similar to this had happened between two close friends living in different countries and both shared their version of the incident with me as they both are my friends too.

I Feel You All The Time – Is this poem about a specific someone?

This popped up in my mind after I finished a novel based on the love-hate relationship between the lead characters.

Some Day Some Time – There is a duality to this poem for it states “Nothing will stop” yet it seems to be about a relationship that comes to an end at some point. What meaning does this poem have for you?

It talks about the dynamism and reality bit in the life that everyone carries. If something moves out of life, nothing stops, things keep on moving at their own pace. Definitely past is precious but it cannot overrule your future. Correctness and refinement are a never ending component of life.

Will there be a second book of poetry from Jaideep Khanduja?

It is there already. Recently published with the title – MIRRORED VOICES: EMERGING POETS ANTHOLOGY – co-authored with 16 more international authors. You will find my poetry, five unpublished, there.

You have, so far, published a book on poetry and a non-fiction book on Project Management – Project Management – Ugly to Ultimate, which is based on your 25 years of experience in the field. Will you ever consider writing a novel? And if so, what genre?

Yes, it will be a Memoir.

Do you consider yourself an optimist or pessimist? Pragmatic or romantic?


Romantically pragmatic.

What in life brings you the most joy?

A fear of sadness, a challenge from realities of life.

Finally, in your own words, what makes you tick?

Availability of oxygen in the atmosphere and my machinery working well to inhale it. Each tick in the clock in fact, ticks me.

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