Operation Interrupted

Operation Interrupted

Operation Interrupted by ML Rosado is a quick and sexy read. You will be sure to fall in love with main characters, Tatiana and Donato.

ML Rosado is a talented writer, avid blogger, wife and mother of two. 

ML, where did you get the idea for your debut romance novel – Operation Interrupted?

When my son was born, I had a no time to sleep. In the countless hours of nursing, rocking him, etc. I started making stories in my head to entertain myself and decided to write them down.

Would you like to share a synopsis of your work?

Tatiana Ortiz takes her vacations seriously. Although a blind spin of the globe in her office chooses the next location of her summer escape, she leaves nothing else to chance. “Operation Exodus” require months of planning and research, providing a convenient distraction from the tragic loss of her mother, and her nonexistent love life. While planning her next adventure in Italy, the operation gets interrupted by Donato Gesatti.

Intense and secretive, Donato is completely smitten by the hot Latina he meets one night when his brothers drag him away from work to unwind at a Miami nightclub. An ambitious and talented restaurant owner who has Miami critics raging and fans hungry for more, Donato feels the hard times he experienced growing up in Italy are behind him. But when his past catches up to him, he has to face a secret that can ruin everything he has worked so hard for, including his relationship with Tatiana. 

Despite the obstacles between them, an undeniable attraction takes a life of its own. As they explore passion and love, Tatiana finally lets herself experience what she did not know was missing from her life. But when the fairytale affair is interrupted by reality, can they come to terms with Donato’s past? Operation Interrupted will take you on an emotional roller coaster about family, passion, secrets, and love.

What was the inspiration for your main characters, Tatiana and Donato?

Tatiana is a combination of me and my best friends. I share a lot of personality and physical traits with her, her job is what one of my friends does, etc.  

Donato came to mind after I went to an Italian restaurant in downtown Miami and I observed everybody’s flawless service. I wanted my main male character to be in the restaurant business since food is one of my passions. Physically, Donato was inspired by a young Christopher Meloni and he took a life on his own after that. 

 Why did you choose to write romance over other genres?

I am constantly reading history related material due to my real job so romance is my perfect escape from “reality”. It is entertaining and makes me relax. 

Was it easy or difficult to write the sex scenes?

Hell no! It was fun to practice it and put it on paper, just ask my husband. 😉 

What did you enjoy most about writing Operation Interrupted?

I discovered a new hobby after being a professional, wife and mother. I feel like a teenager with a new trade. 

What is the best thing about being a writer?

Being a writer has given me the opportunity to discover something about myself that I did not know before. After being a parent, a lot of women loose themselves between driving to kid’s events and taking care of everybody. But writing is MY time! 

Do you follow a specific process or discipline for writing?

I do an outline of basic ideas for the story. Then I sit down in front of the computer and go at it, or stare at it 😉 

What do you do about writers block?

I stop what I am doing. Leave my computer for a couple of days and when an idea comes to mind, I open the document again. I do not stress about it, if I stress about it, then it stops being fun. 

What advice would you give to a new writer?

Do not stop, even when things do not seem to be going your way. Do your research! Especially in marketing. Even if you have a publisher backing you up, you need to get your book out there. That is the most challenging aspect of this business, marketing. 

Will there be a second book and ,if yes, will it be a sequel to Operation Interrupted?

I just signed a contract for two more books so Operation Interrupted is officially a series.

What is your biggest source of inspiration in life?

My family. Everything I do is for them.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?

Losing my mother at a young age. That is why this book is so important to me, it gave me closure to many personal aspects in my life.  

 How do you juggle your career, writing commitments and blogging?

 I manage my time to the last second. I work during the day, take care of the kids (thank God I share that responsibility) and dedicate time to my hubby. After all that I sit down and write or blog for at least two hours every day. 

How much real life goes into a fiction writing?

With me, LOTS! It is a combination of real life situations and my imagination.

Is it necessary to have a high level of imagination to be an author?

I think so. You have to play and have fun in your head. I enjoy making up situations that I have not read before in other books. Making love is making love so to come up with different ways and putting them on paper is a challenge and you definitely need a lot of imagination. Also my book is in 1st person POV so I need to step in the different characters minds and speak for them, men and women.  

 What is your favorite book and why?

             Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. Mr. Darcy is my man! It was the first romance novel I read. 

How would you describe your style of writing?

             My style of writing is contemporary, fun and sexy. Operation Interrupted is a fun novel to unwind and enjoy. It has drama and suspense as well but it is a book that a busy woman can pick up and escape in. 

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Looking for a sexy romance? Curl up and enjoy…

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