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Faced with one of the most unimaginable adversities possible, K.C. Hart turns to poetry for solace and courage. Ms. Hart, through her poetry, has emerged as a ray of light, spreading love and forgiveness to all who read her work.

KC Hart Interview

When did you start writing poetry?

I started writing Poetry when I was a young girl around 30 years age. As I grew older I began to write more poetry along my life’s journey.

Why did you turn to poetry?

Poetry for me at first was a release of the pain of life’s challenges that I faced. Along my path I wrote poetry as a way of expressing different emotions I faced in life.

Is there a common theme in your poetry?

The common theme in my poetry is rhyming. Almost 99.9% of my poems rhyme. I love that about my poems and regardless of what the poem is about I ensure that it rhymes.

Where can your poetry be read?

My website http://kchartpoetryinemotion.co.uk where I place some of my poetry in blogs for people to read.

Is there one thing that inspires your poetry?

Life inspires my poetry and how people are touched with my creative words. I have written a few poems for people as gifts that they have bought for their loved ones. I then see the expression of love in their eyes when they receive the poem. This makes my heart melt. Spreading love in this world is something that we all need to find a way to do to keep the dark feelings away.

Will you be publishing a book of your poems?

I am hoping to publish a book in the future of my poems.

Did you plan on being a poet during your education days?

No I planned to be a primary school teacher. Then trained to be a teacher as I love to teach children and when I qualified I then changed pathways. Through having a son still at school I wanted to have a career where I could still be a mum for him and chose my writing. I went on holiday and started writing my poetry again and realized that this was what I really wanted to do. So I came back and started my own Poetry business.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced? How did you overcome it?

Becoming a survivor of sexual abuse and getting to the point where it did not become what my life was about.

I found that test of time and learning that life has positive sides to it helped. I taught myself to look at the good things I have in life and the gratitude that I do exist in this world helped me. Also forgiveness, which I found was not just about forgiving the perpetrator but also about forgiving myself. As a woman I realized that a child cannot be blamed for what an adult chooses to do, but also there are reasons for any action in life. Life is not a straight path but a rocky road of challenges and it is how we learn to deal with what we go through that makes us who we are.

On your web page you mention rocky roads. Can you expand on this?

Through my childhood challenges and not being shown love in life I did not know how to love my own children. I learned everything in life through battles of depression and woe is me times. I then did not know how to become a good mum to my eldest children. This made it hard as when I came out of what I call the “dark realms of hell” I had become a mum for the third time and the “real” me emerged. This me was the person my son began to know. Which made it challenging for my relationship with my children. This is still a rocky road, but the rocks are getting smaller, as I look at the amazing and beautiful women they have become. Also learning to forgive myself for not being able to show them the positive me when they needed it.

What is the purpose of your poetry?  

I write poetry to spread love and creativity in the world. I believe that if someone reads my poetry and knows the challenges I have faced they can get through anything in life. I am finally feeling pride for myself as a person and want someone else no matter the challenges they are facing to realize if I can get through the difficulties I have then so can they. I wish to help people not give up on this amazing universe and know that there is a purpose in life for them. All they need to do is focus on the positive, and look at my poems and how I move people. I hope they feel love in my words as everyone deserves love in their life.

Who is your favorite poet?

My favourite Poet is “William Wordsworth” and his poem “I wandered lonely as a cloud.” I found when I was at school I had to recite a poem for my ESB exam. I learned his poem. It was the first time words had actually made me be able to envisage the picture in my head. I then realized in time that my poems were not just words on a page, but they were creations of images that touched people. Touching souls in a way that films can, emotions can be helped and memories made by words.

What keeps you motivated?

The knowledge that words I write help to touch people in a way that they can always access. I have seen different reactions to my poems, regardless of whether they are for sad occasions such as the memory of a loved and lost one. Or for a keeping of memories of a special day, such as a wedding and a christening. Each time tears are shed and words are lost I know that I have helped someone to feel love for a person or people that they can keep for eternity.

What are your future plans?

In the future I would love to publish a book of poems to enable others to see the beauty of words and how they can also be helped. I would also like to see my poetry business “Poetry in Emotion” develop into a thriving business to provide personalized poetry gifts for all occasions. Something on the lines of Moon Pig except with Poems on a bigger scale. I would also like to set up a charity to help survivors of sexual abuse and enable them to get proper counselling and support for the challenges they faced. Also to enable the children of survivors have support, as the aftermath of such situations I have seen firsthand and wish for all round support to stop negativity through such difficult times.

I also wish for the world to see how love for all is important. And that thinking positive thoughts regardless of circumstances will help all. Learning to move on from dark times helps the light to shine. Sending blessings of love & light to all is the way to move forward to a more positive society.

Would you like to share a poem with us?

Yes, I will choose a wonderful and uplifting poem as that is how I now feel about life, and wish for others to reach this amazing feeling of love too.  I love all my children, however, the poem I have chosen is about my son and my relationship with him. The reason I chose this poem is that this is the first time I have actually been inspired by a male role model in my life and felt a love so real that I now can say that there are good men in this world who know how to treat a woman. Whoever steals his heart one day will be receiving the most amazing love a woman can get which is true love, respect and care.

 The Way You Make Me Laugh

Your silly little ways

They make me laugh inside,

Building smiles upon my days,

Bringing pain to the sides.


Happiness you give to take away the pain,

Stitches of fun they call it,

And lines are what I gain,

Bubbles of air they sit,


Down in the depths of my heart,

Where warmth and love is felt,

I knew from the start,

You were the best that I was dealt.


Playing the game so well,

Coming up as my number one,

Catching me under your spell,

You are amazing my son.


The way you make me laugh and cry,

With your humour and your cheer,

You leave me wondering why,

Your love is so awesome and clear.


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