#RRBC Member of the Month

CONGRATS to this week’s MEMBER OF THE WEEK:  ELLA EMERSON!! Ella has been a member for all of 10 days and she has jumped right on in and done so much already!  She is purchasing fellow member-author books, to read and review, she is recruiting (check out this awesome blog post she wrote on RRBC), she is tweeting support for her fellow members and she has already volunteered for the awesome Tweet Support Team!  Ella is the author of SKY WATCHER:  A NOVELLA and I just downloaded it for FREE!  So, click the link and get your copy, too!  She’s supporting us in such a FABULOUS way, let’s all support her in return.  Pick up a copy of her book and be sure and tweet support for her all week long.  CONGRATS, Ella!  You’re our FAVORITE KIND of member!

As Member of the Week, Ella will get to choose a FREE book from the Kathryn C. Treat Book Giveaway treasure chest!  Congrats, Ella!

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