It is an honor to host a blog tour for talented author of  “Angel of Death,” Jennifer Hinsman.

Check out the book trailer and show her some love by downloading today.3D Angel of Death

ANGEL OF DEATH Book Trailer:

ANGEL OF DEATH Purchase Link: “”&HYPERLINK “”ie=UTF8HYPERLINK “”&HYPERLINK “”qid=1420227876HYPERLINK “”&HYPERLINK “”sr=1-1HYPERLINK “”&HYPERLINK “”keywords=angel+of+death+by+jennifer+hinsman

Blog Tour Links:

Goodreads Event Page –

Rafflecopter Giveaway Page –

8 thoughts on “JENNY HINSMAN – Blog Tour

  1. lizgavin says:

    Goog morning, ladies!

    Isabel, you’re such an amazing author and a gracious person. Thank you for hosting Jenny’s stop today.


    I hope your last stop is brillant and that your book finds many new readers because it is a great story. It deserves a great audience.

    Hope to see you around,



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