TRIGGER FINGER by Jackson Spencer Bell

Kevin Swanson, an attorney in a prominent law firm, married to a beautiful wife and father of a teenage daughter leads a normal, peaceful, ordinary life. That is until one night two men invade his home with the intent of doing harm. The intruders catch Kevin off guard and one of them whacks him in the back of the head with a bat leaving him unconscious. Kevin regains consciousness and seeks out a firearm. He catches up with the intruders and kills them.

Kevin is suddenly hurled into the role of a hero who thwarts the attempted rape and murder of his wife and daughter.  This is just the beginning for Kevin as he encounters a series of assailants, would be rapists and robbers, killing them all. Are these coincidences? Is Kevin being targeted? Is he really a hero or something else?

Trigger finger is a fast-paced story with twist and turns and an ending that you don’t see coming. Although the author, Mr. Bell, leaves small morsels along the way suggesting that things may not be as they seem.

This story is worthy of reading and discussing with friends. Well done, Mr. Bell.

Mr. Bell’s Trigger Finger was recently selected by #RaveReviewsBookClub as their #PUSHTUESDAY winner.

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